Sometimes the only thing that you need is to take that tiny step that leads to a better more self-aware life.

Mental health is one of the most essential, yet quite often an underestimated component of a human being. According to numerous research carried over the past decades, we now know that a high level of mental health boosts your productivity, learning, and creativity. Taking care of your mental health can make a substantial difference, it is easier than you think, and it helps you thrive and reach your optimal potential in life.

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Millennial Psychologist is a mental health services portal providing psychological counseling, psychotherapy, and assessment services, it's a convenient and affordable way to connect with qualified mental health professionals. If you’re looking for the “face-to-face” therapy experience, we also offer on-site services in addition to Live Video Sessions.

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Yes. Each therapist is qualified and licensed at the local body. On average, MPsy therapists have 5 years of experience as professional mental health care providers, and have been carefully vetted and trained to use our platform.

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